Cefnogi sgyrsiau am newid hinsawdd - Supporting conversations about climate change


Cynhaliwyd yr arolwg ar pa gefnogaeth sydd ei angen ar bobl i gael sgyrsiau am newid hinsawdd rhwng 23ain Rhagfyr 2020 a 1af o Ebrill 2021.


Ymatebodd 90 o bobl.


The survey on what support people need to have conversations about climate change took place between 23rd December 2020 and 1st April 2021.


90 people responded.






English / Cymraeg


Do you already try to have conversations about climate change with people in your life?

Yes = 52      No = 1    Occasionally = 5


Would you like to feel more able / confident to talk to others about climate change?

Yes = 31   No= 11  Maybe= 17


If 'Yes' or 'Maybe', can you say why it's important to you?


Because it is the most critical issue facing the planet but diffiuclt to articulate to influence how we make decisions

Because it's important that everybody understands the threats of climate change and the ways to mitigate it

It's the most important issue in our present lives! (Covid comes second)

It will massively affect us globally with increasingly erratic weather and subsequent scarcity of food, land scarcity, water land and food wars and displaced people

Because the human race is destroying life on this planet it's the most important long term issue for humanity

We're at a tipping point, if humanity changes the way we do things now we can reduce future impacts on our beautiful world and on the ecosystems we all rely on.

Need confidence in the facts in order to dismiss denial arguments.

I want to be better informed but also more tolerant of other points of view

It is the most important issue of our lives

Climate is critical to our survival

Because it will impact us, and it would be much better to be more prepared, and to get prepared in a way that benefits everyone, especially those less well-off currently.

I feel I need to know all the science in detail to challenge deniers

I feel that it's the key to supporting our food security, homes, biodiversity, reducing worldwide disasters related to these issues

To provide some productive discussion that isn't all about doom - especially with my children

Identified as no.1 global risk in 2021

It presents an existential threat to upcoming generations that will ravage the planet for centuries to come

I have been concerned and banging on about this for years, mores os since doing the EcoFootprint training in 2005. By now not cutting fossilfuel use and others excesses is dangerous brinksmanship. I worry for my children and their children, and for everyone's children and grandchildren, as also for the species lost worldwide. 

Climate Crisis is real

Simply put, we must address the issues causing climate change otherwise there'll be no world to save - it will be too late.

Part of my job, helping others feel like they can really make a difference which lowers everyone's stress levels

I get very concerned about the numerous buses & vehicles just left ticking over, especially all the buses in the bus depot

Climate change and ecological collapse are so big it can feel difficult to find a way of talking about them, particularly as many people believe there's nothing that can be done and would rather not be reminded of inconvenient facts

Its the most important issue we need to know about today.

Guaging others understanding and not coming over as a crank sometimes awkward

It is the single most pressing and all-encompassing issue on the planet.  But it's sometimes hard to find     a point of contact when people are fearful, dismissive, or have misplaced belief all will be fine.

Because it is so desperately important

We all have a responsibility

I feel that there is still a real lack of awareness in some parts of the community, and on the other hand a feeling of helpless resignation on the part of many who are aware.

it's been important to me ever since the issues came to light, however, i've not been well and now [being an old git] i have to be even more isolated, particularly until i've had the covid jabs.

We all need to do our bit to slow down climate change

Ddim yn siwr sut ymateb y caf i, ac hefo pwy ddyliwn siarad / Not sure how to respond and who to talk to

Teimlaf yn gryf fod angen mynegi barn yn groyw i sicrhau na fydd 'plannu coed' yn golygu plannu cannoedd o erwau o goed comersial. Credaf yn gryf mai coedwigoedd collddail cynhenid y dylid eu plannu nid coedydd pin a spruce. / I feel strongly that views need to be articulated clearly to ensure that 'tree planting' does not involve planting hundreds of acres of commercial trees. I firmly believe that it is native deciduous forests that should be planted not pine and spruce woods.


Do any of the following factors ever make you reluctant to raise the issue with others? Please tick all that apply.

Feeling like you don’t know enough about climate science            17

Worrying about making others uncomfortable or angry                  23

Feeling like climate change is a controversial subject      9

Not wanting to get into a depressing discussion                24

Feeling like people have more immediate concerns (e.g., poverty)              30

Feeling like you don't know enough about the solutions                  21

Other   18


Feeling like there is no real solution. Climate change is a symptom (which will probably kill us), but the way we deal with all natural resources is the disease behind it (capitalism)

No reluctance to discuss issues

The answer to the above question is "no"

Feeling that I personally don't always prioritise this in my life and that it can become overwhelming

Friends and family who want to talk about it

With a few people, knowing that they are frequent flyers or second home owners with SUVs, so the broach the subject is to risk serious offence.

Talking to deaf ears, most people are unconcerned

Aware that there is a cultural barrier to how some Welsh landowners and farmers value nature

don't know anyone who doesn't work in climate change

It becomes easier to stay in the CC bubble. Yet I think CC should be raised everywhere - in shops, cafes, community centres, sports clubs, with delivery people and before online meetings of any kind.

That a lot of people are aware (or willfully deaf)but don't care as long as the extreme effects are happening elsewhere or in the future

try to do things by example

Feeling that, as I am an outsider, my ideas will be rejected as arrogant and ignorant.

still lacking the energy to be that emphatic with people, still focussed on survival and recouperation

People who are not committed think I'm a 'climate bore'!

None of the above


What would help you have these conversations with people in your life? Please tick all that apply.

More information on climate science = 6

More information on practical solutions = 11

Better understanding of how we can put these solutions into practice, locally and nationally = 9

Better understanding of how to talk to people who have a different opinion on climate issues from you = 34

Improved general confidence and communication skills = 10

Other = 9


Please tell us more about your answers if you can:

Of course I don't have enough scientific knowledge (we can never have too much information) or how to answers on how change industry and food production that does not harm the environment

I need more energy and more funds

Settings where these conversations happen - spending time with people from across the community.

For the majority of people to acknowledge there is a true problem and engage with those of us working on the climate change agenda.

How to persuade myself as well as others that ecofootprint and getting to zero carbon is more important than money (which is 97% debt) when it is still money that controls our lives - house prices/rent, food, pay/pension. We need a currency pegged to a FairEarthshare Quota per person per year rather than the sick fiction we are all obliged to live by now.

We need to' pull back from the edge of the cliff'.

If the bloody government showed that there was some leadership around this

Plenty of info out there already, need practical demo projects that make a real difference to people's lives

More info on nature based models of managing land that will save all landowners money & preserve habitats

I think it important to start where the other person is.  Most of my neighbours are influenced by the popular press and suggest CC activists are disruptive.  Yet they also know not is all well because of David Attenborough as well as young people (who do know and tell them so)

local solutions first and dissipate what works with others whilst listening to what is working for them

Either legislation must force people and companies to take practical measures or changes are (or can be?) made, that do not alter peoples' comfort zones.

Need to know know morre what mach council is doing

Better understanding of the perspectives and experiences of the local community, especially the working class and Welsh speaking parts of the community.

It helps if there is a current story in the media that you can use to kick off a discussion,'s last Reith lecture. mwy o wybodaeth lle y gall pobl fynd i gael atebion i'r hyn y gallent wneud.

mwy o wybodaeth lle y gall pobl fynd i gael atebion i'r hyn y gallent wneud. / more information where people can go to find answers to what they could do.

Dwi'n teimlo'n gryf fod ffermwyr yn cael eu pardduo'n barhaus e.e gan Y Soil Association. Teimlaf fod ffermwyr yr ardal hon yn naturiol wedi cefnogi'r amgylchedd fel rhan o'i treftadaeth e.e helpu i ammddiffyn y Barcud Coch yn ystod y blynyddoedd diwethaf / I feel strongly that farmers are continually demonized eg by the Soil Association. I feel that farmers in this area have naturally supported the environment as part of its heritage eg helping to protect the Red Kite in recent years

Dim problem / No problem


Have you already had any helpful conversations about climate with people you know?

Yes  = 51 No = 7


If yes, please tell us how these conversations helped – did they give you information, increase your confidence, show you how you could approach the subject, etc.)?

Most of them were pre-disposed to talk about it anyway; it is those who are not I am concerned about

Finding specific examples of places and projects offering positive solutions

increased awareness of danger/ emergency

I had plenty of conversations about climate change. Some of them helping me understand better certain specific issues. I'm still not sure what's the best way to approach the subject

Increased my confidence, made me feel supported

Good to share on topic of interest

I don't know how helpful these conversations are. I hope I influence people by example.

Achieved a better understanding of how to broach the subject of CC with people and how far down the list of priorities it is for most people

Helped to show that others were also aware of the magnitude of the issue and wanted to do something about it. But I know not everyone feels that way

Showed ways of addressing the subject in a way that resonates with people

They were already in broad agreement with me so it didn't feel so controversial

shared concerns

not to any great depth,not to any significant change

Show what other people think about climate change - what issues it relates to for other people.

I'm quite well informed but am unable to remember the detail so important to answer people

I have felt that others have similar concerns and are doing practical things to help. It's good to hear about campaigns eg HS2 or positive news

talked about landuse options, about this particular landscape, about barriers to implementation, to practical solutions

Improved understanding and information from different perspectives

Sharing a sense that this is real and important, and that we must all act

Quakers working on this a lot. Helpful not to be judgemental, rather to commiserate with how hard it is to change once the easy stuff has been done (even if they have hardly begun on the easy stuff) on the basis that it is normal to be worried about and acting on climate change, and crediting them with already trying. Not infrequently, I meet people that have quietly cut their ecofootprint very considerably so then I learn from them.

Different perspective

Yes, from many, many years ago.

Arranged spokespeople from their own community (Welsh hillfarmers) to stimulate debate and new thinking, did not come as outsider trying to foist ideas, also conversations while working on practical project together seem to work well (Ie if you really graft and help out you must be a person worth talking to)

Helped me get a better awareness of why people are resistant to the ideas or reluctant to change their ways.

Good to get different perspectives and see how others see issues within different context eg from an economic angle- the need for economic change to be able to deal with climate change. Be open in your questions, and remain curious and interested, not competitive

Good to know others are thinking about what to do.

These distilled and honed the presentation of concepts in my own own mind, practice runs if you like. However, I was talking to those familiar with the ideas

Not really because we end up agreeing and are not sure how to get through to deniers or dismissers - we think every community in the UK should have a local people's assembly to discuss the issues but NOT with politicians leading.

The person is doing a course relevant to these type of issues. It was good to know people are working on these issues

Most people don't actively deny climate change - they just don't find it relevant to them personally, or, to their children and their childrens' children (which I find the most strange) when they will go to the ends of the earth to provide and protect them on a day to day basis.

usually around great new books tackling concerns

They elicited thoughts about the issues...made me realise I had gaps in my knowledge..particularly in terms of the science around the issues.

Been to Xr talks and training.  Very helpful

They helped me to see that I'm not alone, that there are many of us who share similar concerns and that there is a great deal I can learn from others in this community.

i've had some before lockdown happened - the last one was over the phone with someone who was already tuned in to all of it - the last one with a neighbour wasn't so well received

Very well informed people who take time to explain new developments and political angles.

sylweddoli bod rhaid gwrando a cheisio deall safbwynt eraill gyntaf cyn mynd ati i'w hargyhoeddi. / realize that you must first listen and try to understand the point of view of others before they are convinced.

Sgyrsiau cyffredinol gyda fy nheulu sy'n ffermwyr / General conversations with my family who are farmers

Do - gwybodaeth a dealltwriaeth am y broblem byd eang / Yes - knowledge and understanding of the global problem


Apart from personal conversations, what other things have helped you feel able to talk about climate change? Please tick all that apply.

Campaign groups = 31

Online resources (websites, videos, blogs)       = 38

Films / TV programmes / other arts = 9

Books = 31

Theories / research = 5

Other = 12


Greenpeace, David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg

Non violent communication workshops with XR, Greenpeace websites/info, Green Party info, actually any programmes that spark a discussion, including Top Gear!

I know climate change was in my consciousness well before it as obvious an issue as it is now

XR. CAT's Zero Carbon Britain course

Practice. The topic arising in conversations anyway - it being relevant to so many other things in our lives.

I appreciated the workshops about communication run by Extinction Rebellion in Machynlleth and at the camp in Borth

Support forums - environmental. (land use, tree planting, alternative energy)social (fear, acceptance, etc)and about food (veganism, local produce)

Real Impacts such as local flooding, storm events

Ethics/morality in a spiritual sense

direct action

Videos (Guy's rants) Blogs (Wild Leeks) the word count is short. Wish something similar in Welsh. Maybe there is? Emphasising nature emergency works for me personally

All the above have contributed to a more grounded understanding of the issue. It is quite prominent in the media compared to 15 years ago, so more like general knowledge now, than a fringe concept.

Met some interesting and well informed people though Extinction Rebellion, many of whom have numerous years of study and qualifications behind them, and others with accumulated wisdom

Partner doing a CAT course; being in Green Party

As above, xr talks

My MSc course at CAT and the conversations I have with my fellow students

lots of thing continue to clarify various aspects - if only i can remember specifics when talking about it


Dim / None

Dysgu wrth fynychu Canolfan y Dechnoleg Amgen fel ymddiriedolwr, ffilmiau Attenborough , ffyfr Dr. gareth wyn jones"ynni" , Green Slate a sylwi ar natur allan ac wrth arddio. / Learn while attending Center for Alternative Technology as a trustee, Attenborough films, Dr.'s book Gareth Wyn Jones "energy", Green Slate and noticed nature out and in gardening.

Rhaglenni teledu fel BBC Countryfile, cylchgrawn BBC Countryfile, twitter /TV programs like BBC Countryfile, BBC Countryfile magazine, twitter


Can you tell us what types of individuals / groups you might want to talk to about climate change? Please tick all that apply.

Family and friends = 34

Individuals in your wider community = 44

Individuals you’re in contact with through your job          = 23

Groups you’re in contact with through your job = 16

Local community groups      = 30

Groups outside your local community (e.g., online interest groups, regional gatherings) = 19         

Other = 9


Please tell us more about your answers if you can:

I'm generally interested in the subject, hence all of the above apply.

I don't know as I want to talk to others about this issue. Talking is not really my thing

I think it is more important that discussions about CC are happening at government (regional and local level)

It feels like big organisations should be having this issue as a core planning policy eg PCC

We live in a ruralland based economy and I would like to have the knowledge to sensitively debate historical and cultural beliefs about land use, meat production, public payments etc with the scientific but also the cultural detail.

(Retired, so no 'job' now)

Elders, esp those that say it doesn't matter for them as they will die soon...

Mum's groups. Single women & women business owners. Kids learning to drive and wanting to become independent and get to work.

Be good to open up conversations within outdoor education work I do, as issues directly relevant

Groups in Wales particularly researching energy production

How to get the concept over to people who are scared to hear / in denial in the wider population.

I think we need to raise the agenda so every interaction starts with a CC pledge.  Also to ramp up audits for groups (there was a wave of action 15 years ago but it then fizzled out).


When I say job I mean volunteer work on committees

Natural Resources Wales and Forest Research staff

I've been so out of touch - detached from the majority of people -pretty well all of my friends understand the problems/issues - i'm just SO isolated currenty from the rest that it just doesn't become an issue right now.


Gwell gennyf sgwrsio ag unigolion neu grwpiau llai, nid ar blatfform mwy cynhoeddus / Prefer to chat with smaller individuals or groups, not on a more public platform


What kind of support might you find helpful, now or in future?  Option 1 of 6: Face-to-face discussions with others who also want to learn more

Yes  =     29  No =   8    Maybe =   21

What kind of support might you find helpful, now or in future? Option 2 of 6: Online discussions with others who also want to learn more

Yes  =     15   No =   15   Maybe =   26

What kind of support might you find helpful, now or in future? Option 3 of 6: Face-to-face training and speaker events

Yes  =     26  No =   10   Maybe =   22

What kind of support might you find helpful, now or in future? Option 4 of 6: Online training and speaker events

Yes  =     21   No =   15  Maybe =   21

What kind of support might you find helpful, now or in future? Option 5 of 6: Notifications when resources are added to the Machynlleth Climate Action website

Yes  =     50   No =   7

What kind of support might you find helpful, now or in future? Option 6 of 6: Receiving the Machynlleth Climate Action e-newsletter  

Yes  =     49   No =   7


If you’ve answered 'Yes' or 'Maybe' to any of these, please provide your email address here to indicate your consent to be emailed (about your choices only). You will have the option to unsubscribe at any time.

(emails not included in public results)


Please indicate which town / village / area you live in:

Abercegir - 2






Commins Coch

Corris -3



Derwenlas - 2

Dinas Mawddwy

Eglwysfach -2




Llanbrynmair -4

Melinbyrhedin -2

Machynlleth -23

Pantperthog - 2

Pennal - 3

Pantglas, Garndolbenmaen




Is there anything else you'd like to add?


its hard not to have conversations spiral downwards into doom. thinking a spiritual influence / hope/ inspiration might help me. But i don't have a clear spiritual practice to support me.

Thanks for the questionnaire


Biggest threat is vested interest

Not giving much time to complete this survey, I got an email on Monday afternoon asking for it to be completed by Wed morning.   I think it's important to keep climate change as a live topic for debate even as other issues are uppermost in people's minds (Covid, Brexit, poverty etc). How to frame the debate to engage as many people as possible is crucial.

This questionnaire is hard to respond to if you already are well versed in communicating climate change and related issues


Can you tie up with other groups eg Planna Fwyd so events and information is linked?


Thank you for taking this initiative. (I am about to ask you to circulate an invitation for the Meirionnydd side of your catchment area to take part in a Citizens' Forum on how to Build Back Better post covid in the face of the climate crisis.) 

As you will no doubt notice from my answers, I'm not keen on the web, much preferring face-to-face when circumstances allow.   

Enough talk, let's see some serious practical initiatives. All green energy for Mach...

I'd really like to say 'thank you' for all you are doing... diolch yn fawr iawn a chi pawb :)

Many thanks!

Thank YOU.

Not at present but I also know that everything - everything - is interconnected and yet it suits many people (not just politicians) not to see that.  It may be too big for some to grasp but actually it is very simple when one does.

As I understand it the biggest contribution to ameliorating climate change is to encourage people (predominantly in the higher economic countries) to have fewer children and enabling people in poorer countries to manage their fertility. But this is the elephant in the room and no-one risk mentioning this.

It would be good to be more scientifically informed ( in layman's terms) to help promote a wider more constructive discussion.

I'm very keen to offer my support to the climate action group, and to get back to the xx stall when I can, and also, like vic, to further develop links between the two groups

I imagine you can't do any actual harm broaching the subject even if badly or inadequately. Better it should become a normal part of conversation. I want it ALWAYS in conjunction with loss of species and biodiversity and emphasis on the global south etc.

mae angen trafodaethau dwys am gynaldwyedd hirdymor llawer o'r cynlluniau i atal newid hinsawdd. Mae'n gas gen i 'one hit wonders' Rhaid cynllunio ar gyfer cynaladwyedd e.e gofalu a chynnal unrhyw brosiect sy'n cael ei ariannu gan arian cyhoeddus e.e gofal hir dymor am lwybrau seiclo Sustrans / many of the plans to prevent climate change require intensive discussions about the long-term sustainability. I hate 'one hit wonders' Sustainability must be planned for ie any publicly funded project cared for and maintained long term care of Sustrans cycle routes.