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CAT Zero Carbon Britain Resource Hub


Climate Crisis Advisory Group: Reports




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News articles


Nation Cymru (June 2021) 'MP presents bill to ensure that Royal profits from Welsh natural resources stay in Wales'


The Guardian (June 2021) 'IPCC steps up warning on climate tipping points in leaked draft report'


Irish Times (June 2021) 'Reuse, repair, recycle: ‘Circular economy’ legislation set to have huge impact'




Resources for discussing Climate Change


In Time for Tomorrow? the Carbon Conversations Handbook by Rosemary Randall and Andy Brown. Free from http://www.carbonconversations.co.uk/p/materials.html

Short videos in a series 'Coping with the Climate Crisis' where Ro Randall (Climate conversations) talks about the emotional dimensions of our responses to the emergency:

1. Disavowal - everyday denial https://youtu.be/xMH3SgO4rKY

2. Climate distress and anxiety https://youtu.be/sRCPjBYX_dk

3. Loss and Grief https://youtu.be/dHIEwsFBvSA

4. Supporting others https://youtu.be/HUPZLCPXF78

5. Hope and despair https://youtu.be/yTjnibYegTM

6. Climate journeys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIlkFrngYL4

NASA website - https://climate.nasa.gov/causes/

Climate Outreach - https://climateoutreach.org/research/ including Principles for effective communication

Talking Climate Handbook - How to have a climate conversation: https://climateoutreach.org/reports/how-to-have-a-climate-change-conversation-talking-climate/

and public engagement on climate change - A Handbook for IPCC authors

Blog post about George Marshall talking about what works with people.



The XR group have a library in the Canolfan Owain Glyndwr that people can borrow from.

Creative Climate Communications – Maxwell Boykoff https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/creative-climate-communications/A3A15CBA3D371AD22674E3A3CB34CBFA



Dissertation from Chris Jackson on Apathy, Motivation and Transformative Behaviour Change.

3 presentations from Scott Bennett (Llanidloes)

12 (+ 7) characters in search of an apocalypse article

A short conversation re CC and sustainability – Renew Wales framework for ‘1 to many’ discussions

Local people with specific expertise in communication: PIRC, Tom Crompton, Alex Randall. Julia W has experience of ‘motivational interviewing’ in the medical context that is relevant.

The Cycle of Change: http://www.socialworktech.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Social-Work-Tech-CoC-bw.pdf

PS Useful book of essays is Climate Psychology, On Indifference to Disaster, ed. Paul Hoggett

Sixth chapter to the Toolkit produced by the Ashden Trust ‘Citizen and community engagement’


This year Climate Outreach Network plus YouGov and European Climate Foundation have created a new report and toolkit  

'Britain Talks Climate'

For those of you that believe that there are still many climate denialists out there, prepare to be shocked 😉 I found the report to be really heartening and insightful. 

The toolkit helps us think about the groups (segments) of people out there. Research includes over COVID times. 

Toolkit: https://climateoutreach.org/britain-talks-climate/

Report: https://climateoutreach.org/reports/britain-talks-climate/

Webinar: https://youtu.be/5maBnpnkyTk

 ‘Is current community resilience sufficient to ensure inclusive and empowering climate adaptation? A case study of Machynlleth, Wales’.  (MSc Dissertation by Freya Pryce)